Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why Digital Signage is Here to Stay

The market for digital signage has experienced a boom over the recent years. The theory behind this is "out with the old and in with the new". The times of print advertising and communicating are coming to an end. Digital signage allows for content to be richer, displayed quicker, more efficiently, and in a more aesthetically pleasing manner. Becoming a "must have" when being used in corporations, universities, restaurants, and growing businesses, digital signage can be greatly beneficial. Digital signage is the wave of the future because it is efficient and effective. If your business derives on supplying your steady customer base with rich content, don't you think it's time to make the transition?

Digital signage is an effective way to display either 2D or 3D content on a vibrant, LED display screen. It is used for of out-of-home advertising. This means that advertisements, videos, and messages can be displayed on the screens allowing for content to be specifically targeted and delivered at structured times and locations. With the emphasis of corporate social responsibility and its efforts on "going green", digital signage is a great way to help the environment by eliminating wasteful paper products. Controlled by personal computer and software programs, content can easily manipulated to best target the market and update current information. Such information can enhance a customer's experience by including weather, news, pricing, and photos. Also, it can promote the awareness and strength of a brand by displaying a logo, advertisements, and the inter-workings of other facilities.

Restaurants are heavily relying on digital signage as a promotional and informative tool. Digital signage can be used as menu boards for customers. Also, they can demonstrate recipes, show photos of products, nutritional facts, waiting times, and direct customer to different areas of the restaurant. Restaurants can increase sales by driving customers to specific products such as popular products or highly profitable products that may be overlooked on the menu. Especially when regarding food, words sometimes just do a product justice; it just needs to be seen to believe. Digital signage is also a great way to assist inventory management. With all of these capabilities, digital signage allows for customers to be well informed of products and services, current activities, and assists in providing a more constructive and enjoyable atmosphere in restaurants.

Corporations highly demand digital signage as well due to its ability to provide steady and current information. In the lobbies, digital signage can display current news, weather, stocks, and general content regarding corporations. If clients are expected, digital signage can be programmed to welcome them by displaying their name, how long of a wait to be expected, and that they're highly appreciated. Also, information can be displayed regarding what the meeting will consist of and what may interest the particular clients. This allows for an unstructured conversation to be held without both parties being present. With videos, news, and advertisements being on a steady feed, the "waiting room" isn't such a bad place anymore.

Colleges and universities are also highly interested in the capabilities of digital signage. Emergency messages can be displayed instantaneously across the campus. Events hosted by fraternities and sororities or the actual college/university itself can display content informing students of the event's location, the time, and what will be discussed. Classes that are canceled or changed in location can be updated to inform students, saving them time and providing peace-of-mind. So, whether it's students or others passing through, everyone can be informed about the current status of what's happening on campus. This sparks interest and provides for a more well rounded atmosphere while again; eliminating wasteful paper products.

Digital signage has become increasingly prevalent and is undoubtedly here to stay. It provides rich, current information to be displayed instantaneously with ease. Whether the displays are used for providing content such as public and menu information, or for influencing customer behavior and their experience, digital signage can certainly be an asset to your business and increase its profitability.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Lecture Capture Done Right

The incorporation of technology systems and its functions within universities has become incredibly prevalent in daily operations. This is not only because the use and reliance of technology is on the rise, but because it provides increased communication, easier and faster accessibility, and the ability for richer, more descriptive content to both the teaching staff and its students. When working with some of the most creditable universities in the country, Dobil Laboratories Inc has been using Crestron's Capture HD High-Definition Capture Recorder. We stress this particular product due to its simplicity, low cost, and incredible efficiency when transferring anything from lectures to short clips from the classroom to the fingertips of students.

The Crestron Capture-HD is very simple and easy to use. For many teachers being of the older generation, it can be hard for them to stay current with the new technologies on the market and how to use them. With this system, recording is incredibly easy and there is little training needed to be done with the staff. On the display, it shows a live image to the presenter of how they will be viewed and what information will be displayed. All they have to do is push record and when they are finished, push "end capture" for the presentation to be automatically uploaded. This can be uploaded to a USB device or sent to programs such as Blackboard. Simplicity for professors is one of the main appeals of Crestron's Capture-HD.

Another great thing regarding this device is the low cost. With great capabilities of the Capture-HD, the cost is undoubtedly fair. Being around a quarter of the price of its competitors, the low cost makes the appeal of this product even greater.

The main reason we stress this product is due to its incredible efficiency to communication information when being used within universities. With more universities going green, increasing the volume of online classes available, and providing online capabilities, the Crestron Capture-HD is a great solution. It allows for easy integration of classrooms, lecture halls, and training facilities. The high quality CaptureLive HD allows for recording of full-motion 1080p or 720p to be saved with the 32 gigs of memory for over 8 hours of recording. It allows teachers to schedule the dates of their presentations and when they are to be published. Presenters can display a wide range of content like PowerPoint, documents, and videos to their students. This allows students to view the content either in the classroom, from their mobile devices, and from their dorm rooms.