Tuesday, May 1, 2012

What To Do With Outdated Audio Visual Technology Equipment

With the increasing volume and frequency of electronics and audio visual technology being introduced into the workplace and at home, a common problem is what to do with the outdated electronics. This technology includes analog televisions, outdated projectors, speakers, PC's, VCR's, and DVD players. It would be highly inefficient and environmentally impactful to just throw everything away into the trash can. Thankfully, there is a growing number of recycling programs to assist in disposing of this audio visual technology and electronics. From communities to manufacturers, there are various possibilities of recycling which take away any excuse for just giving it to the garbage.

One solution when possessing outdated audio visual technology and equipment is to just move the setup to a different room. There is always somewhere else the equipment can go; there is no reason to just remove it altogether. From bedrooms to the basement, there are many possibilities of relocation. If that is not an option, give the audio visual technology and equipment as hand-me-downs. A great opportunity when possessing outdated technology and equipment is to save it for soon to be college students. Many setups can be placed and used in their college dorm rooms or homes away from home. This is beneficial because it saves parents and students from purchasing new equipment and odds are that any outdated audio visual system will certainly be more extravagant than the norm. Other family members may greatly appreciate hand-me-downs as well; it's not just limited to immediate family members.

To rid yourself of old equipment and audio visual technology, giving to friends, donating, and selling are certainly options. Selling to friends, family, or via a yard sale can also prove to be highly effective. Garage sales are a great way to remove junk from the house. It is often said that "one's junk is another's treasure". As long as the outdated audio visual technology and equipment is discounted in price, friends and others may highly demand the merchandise that holds no significant value to you anymore. Donating to local schools, community organizations, and churches is a great way to please others as well as yourself by doing a socially satisfying deed. It is not practical to invest money in purchasing brand new equipment and electronics for these facilities, so they often completely rely on donations. By choosing to rid yourself of outdated audio visual technology and equipment through your own means or through a recycling program, either way, the environment and somebody else will surely be better off in the process.

Some Recycling Methods Include:

Consumers Electronics Association- Greener Gadgets.org
The Sony Recycling Program
The Best Buy Recycling Program
The U.S. Post Office Recycling Program
The Toshiba Recycling Program
The Office Depot and Staples Recycling Program

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